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Safeguarding your data in an unsecured landscape

Cloud platforms pose data security challenges with remote servers and third-party providers like Amazon. Our tailored solutions simplify robust security measures, protecting sensitive data in an insecure cloud landscape.

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Cloud gives no security guarantees

+ Data can be computed on/with

- Data is unprotected

Standard software-based encryption

+ Data is protected

- Data can not be computed on/with

Our Solution

+ Data is protected

+ Data can be computed on

Boldbrain Startup Challenge

3rd place winner

Securified cloud-based data analytics

Our unique set of 4 key properties

  • Securified

    Secure end-to-end with formally verified guarantees. Anyone can claim to be secure, talk is cheap.

  • Interoperable

    Combining software mechanisms and hardware mechanisms from extensible sets. Inherently independent of mechanisms/platforms!

  • Transparent

    Data analysts write queries agnostically to security constraints. No need for security annotations!

  • Efficient

    Over 10x faster than state of the art9. Low overhead is key to practicality and adherence to security!

Confidential computing

We target the confidential analytics market

Confidential computing market will :

  • Reach $54B by 2026
  • Grow 94% yearly to $750B by 2030

Confidential analytics market expected to be 10% of confidential computing

Confidential analytics vs confidential computing 2030

The Securified system

Built on Spark, leading platform for distributed data analytics

  • Used by data analysts through original APIs
  • Custom extensions incorporating our research

Leverages intuitive novel security policy with custom security levels (e.g., secret/top secret) assigned to soft- and hardware mechanisms

  • Defined once by security expert
  • Levels assigned once to data together with data expert
  • Used to automatically transform queries to use security mechanisms

Formal framework for verifying security based on noninterference

Example security policy setup

Example security policy setup

  1. 1. Define secrecy levels

    Cf. US DoD
  2. 2. Assign mechanisms to levels

    E.g., data at level High can be handled only on the client side (CLNT), by Intel SGX (SGX), or in the cloud (no SGX) only when using AES-GCM encryption
  3. 3. Label data with levels

    Security types automatically inferred at query transformation, e.g., AES-GCM encryption for price tags in Orders

Our unfair advantages

  • Designed specifically for data analytics

    More efficient than generic computing platforms (Fortanix, Decision3, Veracruz, Teaclave).

  • 10+ years of research experience

    Based on over 10+ years of research experience in confidentiality — preserving data processing — over $3.4 Mio public and corporate funding raised.

  • Independent of individual mechanisms

    Inherently more flexible and efficient than closest related offerings

  • Made in Switzerland

    Trustworthy approach with no backdoors (required by US and Chinese governments for their corps), supporting digital sovereignty.

Subscription plans tailored to your business needs

An experienced team of security experts

Over 50 years of experience in research and business

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